Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR

Whether you are seeking a simplified, more efficient mechanism of deciding your case or want to engage and control the resolution process yourself, Alternative  Dispute Resolution offers the parties unique advantages over the traditional court governed route and rules.

Either arbitration or mediation, ADR allows you to choose your own path to resolution.  That choice starts with choosing your neutral, something the court process does not provide for.  It could be the most important choice you make in the ADR process.

The option to choose your own arbitrator or mediator allows the parties to tailor the neutral’s expertise to the particular dispute.  Likewise, ADR provides the parties the opportunity to choose a neutral whose character, personality, and disposition match, enhance, or even mellow the individuals involved in the dispute.  Being able to choose a neutral that fits the parties and fits the dispute is one of the major benefits of ADR.

In today’s litigious environment, that choice alone enhances confidence in the process and result. We hope that we are part of that choice and can help you resolve your dispute efficiently and fairly.