Anti-Harassment Training


Harassment claims have been a hot topic in employment litigation for decades. Even more so today with grassroots movements bringing harassment allegations to the forefront of television and internet news cycles. Harassment claims remain the most emotionally complicated and charged claims whether threatened or actually filed with the courts or state or federal agencies. They are not only disruptive to the lives of those involved but also to the function of the workplace.

Ms. Ratinoff conducts group and individual harassment training for supervisors as well as non-supervisors. Ms. Ratinoff has over a decade of experience providing engaging, thoughtful, and interactive harassment training. Harassment training not only provides compliance with legal obligations but also educates employees as to their rights, how to protect the rights of others, and where to go to get help within the company. In today’s world, it is most important that everyone understand how the law defines harassment as well as what the company will not tolerate.

In addition to preventative training, Ms. Ratinoff also provides independent, neutral harassment investigations. Ms. Ratinoff approaches investigations with care and understanding of the sensitive nature of the claims. A reasonable, thorough, and neutral investigation confirms the commitment to the integrity of the process and the belief in the right to work in a harassment free workplace. Ms. Ratinoff approaches the investigations as a neutral, well prepared and with empathy and compassion for all involved. She understands how to relate to the witnesses in a way that allows them to be comfortable discussing what are usually the most intimate, personal facts.

For information regarding fees and availability to conduct harassment training or a neutral investigation, please call the office at (818) 788-8695 or send an email to Dara Pierre-Louis or Ms. Ratinoff directly at or