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Marisa Ratinoff, Esq. | Mediator & Arbitrator


Marisa believes arbitrations are meant to be an efficient form of litigating disputes for which the parties, for the most part, should control the process within the parameter of the arbitration agreement.  To the extent permitted by the arbitration agreement and time and reason, the parties are free to agree to discovery procedures and processes they deem necessary to allow the arbitration to move productively and efficiently.

Marisa has litigated both single-plaintiff and class action employment law matters as an advocate in state and federal trial and appellate courts, before state and federal administrative agencies and in arbitration tribunals.  She has expertise in managing all aspects of employment litigation both from the advocate and arbitrator perspective. Parties have described Marisa as fair, practical and willing to make tough decisions.

Marisa understands the high level of risk the parties have in litigation and works to streamline the process to make the arbitration as efficient and cost effective as possible.  Marisa will make herself available should the parties need to discuss or resolve a dispute and if the parties wish, will convene monthly case management conferences to check in and make sure the process is proceeding smoothly.

Marisa’s arbitration services are administered through the American Arbitration Association.  If you would like to select Marisa Ratinoff as your Arbitrator, or need further information regarding her arbitration services, please contact the American Arbitration Association.

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